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Oscar's was formed in 2015, after a local couple decided an opportunity was in front of them that they could not resist.  


Oscar's Cafe and Wine Bar serves only the finest coffee and wines, and offers its customers a vast range of savoury and sweet treats. Our goal is to create a relaxed, modern environment for people
to enjoy some of the finer things in life. 


We have created unique menus, and new concepts of dining to tantalise your interest. Order yourself
a latte or mocha, and acompany it with a cream cheese bagel or a delicious slice of sumptuous carrot cake. On an evening, test out some of our cocktails; created by our in house mixologist. If you fancy something to eat, then why not try an Oscar's signature charcuterie board filled with meat, bread and cheese, along with a bottle of wine from our award winning selection.


For those wondering why the name Oscar's, well it's a funny story. The couple used to own a very old persian cat. Now this cat had a predicted life span of twelve years, and instead he lived until he was twenty. This may not seem all that unusual, but in those twenty years he managed to survive being run over, having a severe infection, had a metal leg due to his accident and be attacked by a Tom cat. So the couple decided to pay their respects to such an incredible character! 


We are very excited to share our dream with you all, and we look forward to welcoming you very soon. 



Kindest Regards,


The Oscar's Team x

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