Oscarʼs Whiskers - £7.00

A milky concoction of Finlandia vodka, Kahlúa, Baileys & Disaronno amaretto all shaken up to create this boozy styled shake. A sprinkling of chocolate finishes off this fabulous combo.


Mr Reece's Morning Coffee - £7.00

More pudding than cocktail, Stoli salted caramel vodka, with a peanut butter chocolate cream, hazelnut liqueur & Oscarʼs special blend espresso running through.


Pina Colada - £7.00

A blend of white and coconut rum mixed with pineapple juice, milk & cream served over ice with a cherry garnish finish. Yummy!




Tequila Negroni - £8.00

The dark side of tequila. Patron silver mixed with Campari, Aperol & fresh grapefruit, for lovers of hard liquor.

Mexicana - £7.50

The light side of tequila, A fruity sweet mix of Jalisco Aqua Riva, fresh strawberries, & pineapple. Light fluffy & dangerous.

Margarita - £7.25

Part of the 'sour' cocktails family the margarita traditionally consists of three ingredients.

Tquila, Triple sec and Lime. But if you would like it a little different,

all you have to do is ask


The Hugo - £6.50

It's summer no matter the weather, elderflower liqueur, fresh mint & fresh lime topped with prosecco.

Oscarʼs Strawbelini - £7.00

Prosecco, muddled Fresh strawberries, squeezed lime & pink gin sweetened with honey & strawberry liqueur. Being classy has never tasted this good.

Pink Clover Fizz - £7.50

Tart raspberry, dry prosecco and sweet grapefruit gin with a

silky smooth texture make this one a must try.

Contains egg whites


Darkly Spiced - £7.00

An authentic take on the dark and stormy. Home-made fresh ginger syrup, juiced lime & Dark Matter spiced & Goslings black seal rums.

Cheeky Thing - £8.50

Extremely Alcoholic. Old J overproof rum fizzed up with pineapple, grapefruit ting

& a cherry twist.

Pirate Bay - £7.00

A stunning mix of Bacardi Carta Blanca rum, coconut rum, passion fruit, pineapple & grenadine. The Caribbean in a glass.

Mojito - £6.50

The original Cuban classic drink which dates back to 1600s. A lovely combination of white rum, lime wedges, mint leaves and brown caster sugar topped up with soda.

Oscar's Strawberry Daiquiri - £7.00

Freshness is key here. Fresh limes, fresh strawberries and a good bit of rum.

Served crushed and cold for summer evenings




Gin Jam - £8.50

An easy-drinking gin and berry crusha with Brockmans gin & elderflower liqueur.

Oscarʼs Pornstar Martini - £8.00

The drink on everyone's lips with a twist. Made with the delicious Boe Passionfruit gin & served with a shot of prosecco on the side. It's a must-have!

Martinez - £8.50

Sweet and complex, our Malfy Arancia Manhattan combines flavours of summer orange and ripe cherry. Made for the spirit lover

Basil Martini - £7.00

Fresh basil mixed with Ableforth's Bathtub gin, fresh lemon juice, sugar & egg white, finished with black cracked pepper.

Negroni - £7.00

The Italian Classic. Made with equal parts of Campari, gin & sweet vermouth served on the rocks with a zesty orange peel finish.




Bovine Thai Chi - £8.00

A chilli & lemongrass lychee smash with Zubrowka bisongrass vodka. Loosen up.

Clucking Hen - £7.50

Stoli citron vodka sweetened with apple & berry liqueur

topped with a tart elderflower foam. Guaranteed to pop in the mouth.

Berry Nice - £7.00

A super fruity mix of raspberry vodka, Cointreau, fresh lime, cranberry juice

with a lemonade top.

Pharmaceutical - £7.50

Today known as the 'Espresso Martini' this modern classic is a firm favourite around the world. We shake up Finlandia Vodka, Kahula & fresh coffee, garnished with coffee beans & a chocolate sprinkle of good fortune!

Cosmopolitan - £7.00

Cranberry vodka and orange liquor with a squeze of fresh lime.




Whisky Sours - £6.50

Sweet and tart with whiskey, sugar and fresh lemon juice.

Be carfeul though, they're morish. Contains egg white

Easy Old Timer - £8.50

The whiskey lovers drink, just faster. Bullet Rye Whiskey, Marachino Liqueur & a blend of bitters, not so old fashioned now.

Manhattan - £8.75

The original "Manhattan" cocktail is timeless yet incredibly tasty... Made using Sazerac Rye whiskey, Antica Formula Sweet Vermouth & Angostura bitters served in a chilled martini glass with a cherry garnish finish.


Can't find anything you fancy?

Just ask a member of staff & if we can make it,  you can have it!



All of Oscar’s sparkling wines are vegan-friendly.


Favola, Prosécco Extra Dry Veneto, Italy 11%

125ml - £4.60 / Bottle - £24.00

A fresh, fragrant and fruity Prosecco with aromas of pear and apple.


Prosecco Rose Brut Veneto, Italy 12%

Bottle - £24.50

Crystalline pale pink in colour with appealing floral aromas of violet layered

with wild strawberry. Refreshing, with lovely balance and a dry fruity finish.





Wild Garden, Chenin Blanc South Africa 12.5%

175ml - £4.40 / 250ml £6.00 / Bottle - £16.90

Rounded aromas of ripe pear and chamomile and finishing on a fruity note.

Try a glass with Oscars’ signature salad​

Tierra Antica, Sauvignon Blanc Valle Central, Chile 12.5%

175ml - £4.50 / 250ml £6.10 / Bottle - £16.90

An array of mouth-watering citrus aromas that recall grapefruit and limes are

underpinned by vibrant herbaceous characters.


Boundary Line, Chardonnay, Australia 12.5%

175ml - £4.90 / 250ml £6.55 / Bottle - £18.90

An intense, fruity aroma and a creamy mouthfeel with a hint of peach and ginger.


Il Casone, Pinot Grigio Veneto, Italy 12%

175ml - £4.90 / 250ml £6.55 / Bottle - £18.90

A fresh Pinot Grigio delivering fine, delicate aromas of apricot and linden flowers.


Faultline, Sauvignon Blanc South Island, New Zealand 12%

175ml - £6.20 / 250ml £8.10 / Bottle - £22.90

Typical Marlborough notes of peapods, gooseberry and asparagus with a fresh and herbaceous flavour.







Novità, Pinot Grigio Blush Veneto, Italy 12%

175ml - £4.90 / 250ml £6.60 / Bottle - £18.90

Fruity with aromas of ripe cherries and strawberries.


Zin Heaven, Zinfandel Blush, Apulia, Italy 11.5%

175ml - £4.90 / 250ml £6.60 / Bottle - £18.90

Smooth palate of delicate vanilla and strawberry flavours

with a refreshing finish.





Vellas, Merlot Valle Central, Chile 13%

175ml - £4.40 / 250ml £6.00 / Bottle - £16.90

A fresh Merlot with notes of ripe plum and a soft vanilla finish.


Boundary Line, Shiraz Australia 14%

175ml - £4.90 / 250ml £6.55 / Bottle - £18.90

Aromas of gentle spice and white pepper, medium-bodied with fresh berry fruit flavours.


Doña Paula, ‘Paula’ Malbec Mendoza, Argentina 13%

175ml - £5.55 / 250ml £7.35 / Bottle - £21.50

A full-flavoured Malbec with sweet, spicy and intense aromas of ripe red fruits, complemented by subtle notes of herbs.

Bodegas Ondarre, Rioja Reserva, Rioja, Spain 13.5%

175ml - £6.50 / 250ml £8.90 / Bottle - £27.50

Leather, vanilla and spice of traditionally made Rioja enveloped in a 

smooth and textured palate.